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Trial Databases

The Library periodically receives online resources for free trial use from publishers / information providers.  Users are welcome to forward their comments regarding the usefulness and value of these resources to their studies, teaching and research.

The following electronic resources are on trial. Please send your comments to

E-Database Title
Expiry Date
Audit Opinion (CSMAR Solution)As part of the CSMAR Solution, the China Stock Market Financial Database - Audit Opinion covers detailed data on audit opinions of domestic audit units within the fiscal year since 1990, including the auditor, audit fee (domestic and foreign audit fee), auditing firm and type of audit opinion. It provides important reference data for researchers who are concerned with financial information quality and audit fees of listed companies.

Note: The trial version only provides access to the historical data from 2012-01-01 to 2014-12-31.
20 Feb 2020