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CIHE & CBCC Library


There are about 60 PCs including iMac to support users’ learning and research, 20 of which are in the CBCC Library and 40 more in the Learning Commons. Users are required to login with their network account to access the Internet, explore library e-resources and use various software applications. Users can refer to the labels on the monitors for advanced applications installed in the PCs. All PCs are connected to multi-function photocopiers / printers for black/white or colour printing.

Adobe Creative Cloud  iMacs
IT Zone  PCs & iMacs
Location Advanced software applications Workstation No.
CIHE Learning Commons (E-lab) Adobe Creative Cloud E1 – E2
E7 – E19
E25 – E29
SPSS Statistics Base V25 E1
CBCC Library (IT Zone) Adobe Creative Cloud W9
CBCC Library (Language Centre) SPSS Statistics Base V25 L1
EndNote X8 L1

In using the PCs, users must read the Responsible Use of Computing Devices carefully.