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Academic Search Complete (EBSCOhost) Multi-disciplinesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
ABI/INFORM Collection (ProQuest) Business & ManagementResearch DatabasesUser Guide
AccessPharmacy Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Academic OneFile (Gale) Multi-disciplinesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Agriculture Collection (Gale) AgricultureResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Anatomy TV. Anatomy & Physiology Health ScienceOnline CoursesUser Guide
Asia Art Archive Fine ArtsResearch Databases
BioMed CentralHealth ScienceE-Journals
Business Source Premier (EBSCOhost) Business & ManagementResearch Databases User Guide
Business Searching Interface (EBSCOhost)Business & ManagementResearch Databases User Guide
Business Collection (Gale) Business & ManagementResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Business Economics and Theory (Gale) Business, Management & EconomicsResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Cambridge CoreMulti-disciplinesResearch Databases User Guide
Communications and Mass Media Collection (Gale) CommunicationsResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Computer Database (Gale) Information Science & TechnologyResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Criminal Justice Collection (Gale) LawResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Culinary Arts Collection (Gale) Tourism & Hospitality ManagementResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
CINAHL Complete (EBSCOhost) Health ScienceResearch Databases User Guide
Clinical SkillsHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
ClinicalKey for NursingHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Cochrane LibraryHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
CSMAR Solution國泰安數據服務中心Economics & FinanceResearch Databases
Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)Multi-disciplinesE-JournalsUser Guide
Diversity Studies Collection (Gale) Social SciencesResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Ebook CentralMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsVideo-icon3
Ebook Central - Social Science collectionSocial SciencesE-Book CollectionsVideo-icon3
EBSCOhost eBook CollectionMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
EBSCOhost open dissertationsMulti-disciplinesResearch Databases
Education Collection (ProQuest) EducationResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Education Source (EBSCOhost) EducationResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Educator's Reference Complete (Gale) EducationResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Environmental Studies and Policy Collection (Gale) Environmental StudiesResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Emerald eBook Series CollectionBusiness, Management & EconomicsE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Encyclopaedia Britannica OnlineMulti-disciplinesEncyclopedias & DictionariesUser Guide
English Publications (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
ERIC (EBSCOhost) EducationResearch DatabasesUser Guide
European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750 (EBSCOhost) History & HumanitiesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Flipster (EBSCOhost)Multi-disciplinesE-MagazineUser Guide
Fine Arts and Music Collection (Gale) Fine Arts and MusicResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
FreeBooks4DoctorsHealth ScienceE-Book Collections
Gale PowerSearchMulti-disciplinesE-Book Collections & E-JournalsVideo-icon3
Gale Virtual Reference Library (GVRL)Multi-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsVideo-icon3
Gardening, Landscape and Horticulture Collection (Gale) General EducationResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Gender Studies Collection (Gale) Social SciencesResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
General Science Collection (Gale) ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
GreenFILE (EBSCOhost) EnvironmentResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Grove Music OnlineMusicResearch DatabasesUser Guide
HathiTrust Digital LibraryMulti-disciplinesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Health Reference Center Academic (Gale) Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Home Improvement Collection (Gale) DesignResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Hospitality; Tourism and Leisure Collection (Gale) Tourism & Hospitality ManagementResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Hong Kong Listed CompaniesEconomics & FinanceResearch Databases
HyRead ebook 電子書Multi-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Information Science and Library Issues Collection (Gale) Information Science & TechnologyResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Insurance and Liability Collection (Gale) Insurance and LiabilityResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Intermid (Mark Allen Group)Health ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Internurse (Mark Allen Group)Health ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
INFOBANK環球商訊庫Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
JoVE. Science Education Database. Essentials of Physical Examinations IHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
JoVE. Science Education Database. Essentials of Physical Examinations IIHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
JoVE. Science Education Database. Essentials of Physical Examinations IIIHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
LegalTrac (Gale) LawResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Library, Information Science & Technology Abstracts (LISTA) (EBSCOhost) Information Science & TechnologyResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Lippincott ProceduresHealth ScienceResearch Databases
Marketing Collection (Emerald) MarketingE-JournalsUser Guide
MAS Ultra - School Edition (EBSCOhost) General EducationResearch DatabasesUser Guide
MEDLINE with Full Text (EBSCOhost) Health ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Mental Help NetHealth ScienceBlogUser Guide
Merriam-Webster UnabridgedMulti-disciplinesEncyclopedias & Dictionaries
Military & Government Collection (EBSCOhost) GovernmentResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Military and Intelligence Database (Gale) MilitaryResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Natural MedicinesHealth ScienceResearch Databases
Naxos Music LibraryMusicSound Databases Video-icon3
Naxos Music Library JazzMusicSound Databases User Guide
Newspaper Source (EBSCOhost) General EducationE-NewsUser Guide
Nursing Reference Center Plus (EBSCOhost) Health ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Nursing and Allied Health Collection (Gale) Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
OAPEN LibraryMulti-disciplinesE-Book Collections
OECD Series on Principles of Good Laboratory Practice and Compliance MonitoringHealth Science E-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Open Access Library (OALib)Multi-disciplinesE-JournalsUser Guide
Oxford University PressMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
PEDro (Physiotherapy Evidence Database)Health ScienceEvidence-based Psychotherapy ReviewsUser Guide
Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine Collection (Gale) Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Pop Culture Collection (Gale) General EducationResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Popular Magazines (Gale) General EducationMagazinesVideo-icon3
Professional Collection (Gale) EducationResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Practical Writing (Clarity English)LanguageOnline CoursesUser Guide
Psychology Database (ProQuest) PsychologyResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Psychology Collection (Gale) PsychologyResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Prime TaxAccounting & BusinessResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Project GutenbergMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
PsycARTICLES (ProQuest) PsychologyResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Public Policy & Environmental Management Collection (Emerald) Public Policy & Admin.E-JournalsUser Guide
PubMedHealth ScienceCitation DatabasesUser Guide
PubMed Central (PMC)Health ScienceE-JournalsUser Guide
Regional Business News (EBSCOhost) Business, Management & EconomicsE-NewsUser Guide
Religion and Philosophy Collection (Gale) Religion & Philosophy Research DatabasesVideo-icon3
Road to IELTS Academic (Clarity English)LanguageOnline Courses
Sino United 中文電子圖書Multi-disciplinesE-Book Collections
Small Business Collection (Gale) Business & ManagementResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Social Science Research Network elibrary Database (SSRN e-library)Social SciencesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
SocINDEX with Full Text (EBSCOhost) SociologyResearch DatabasesUser Guide
South China Morning Post (SCMP)General EducationE-NewsUser Guide
South China Morning Post (SCMP) - ePaperGeneral EducationE-NewsUser Guide
SpringerOpenMulti-disciplinesResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Study Skills Success (Clarity English)LanguageOnline Courses
Taylor and Francis ebooksMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Teacher Reference Center (EBSCOhost) EducationResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Tense Buster: 6-week course (Clarity English)LanguageOnline Courses
Tense Buster: full version (Clarity English)LanguageOnline Courses
Trip (Clinical Research Evidence)Health ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Thomson Reuters WestlawLawResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Tourism & Hospitality Collection (Emerald) Tourism & Hospitality ManagementE-JournalsUser Guide
UpToDateHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
U.S. History Collection (Gale) HistoryResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Visible Body Anatomy & Physiology  Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas  Health ScienceResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
VitalSourceMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Vocations and Careers Collection (Gale) General EducationResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
War and Terrorism Collection (Gale) War and TerrorismResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Web Gallery of ArtFine ArtsResearch Databases
World History Collection (Gale) HistoryResearch DatabasesVideo-icon3
Westlaw AsiaLawResearch DatabasesUser Guide
Wiley Online LibraryMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
Wiley Open AccessHealth ScienceResearch DatabasesUser Guide
World Scientific eBooksMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
中國人物庫 (Infobank)BiographyCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國上市公司文獻庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國中央及地方政府機構庫 (Infobank)GovernmentCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國企業產品庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國法律法規庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國商業報告庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國統計數據庫 (Infobank)Commercial StatisticsCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國期刊全文數據庫. 哲學與人文科學 (CNKI中國知網)Philosophy & HumanitiesResearch DatabasesUser Guide
中國經濟新聞庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國資訊行 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國擬建在建項目數據庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
中國醫療健康庫 (Infobank)Health ScienceArticle DatabasesUser Guide
中華數字書苑 (Apabi)Multi-disciplinesE-Book Collections
中藥材圖像數據庫 Chinese Medicinal Material Images DatabaseHealth ScienceResearch Databases
中草藥化學圖像數據庫 Phytochemical Image DatabaseHealth ScienceResearch Databases
中藥標本資料庫 Chinese Medicine Specimen DatabaseHealth ScienceGlossaryUser Guide
名詞解釋庫 (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
慧科企業解決方案 WiseEnterprise General EducationE-NewsUser Guide
慧科新聞搜尋器 Wisers Information PortalGeneral EducationE-NewsUser Guide
搜數網 SOSHOOEconomics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
漢斯國際中文開源期刊Multi-disciplinesE-JournalsUser Guide
瀚文民國書庫Multi-disciplinesE-Book Collections
臺大圖書館公開取用電子書 National Taiwan University Library Open Access E-booksMulti-disciplinesE-Book Collections & Academic DissertationsUser Guide
華藝中文電子書 Airiti BooksMulti-disciplinesE-Book CollectionsUser Guide
萬方數據 - 中國數字化期刊數據庫 Wanfang Data-China Online Journals Multi-disciplinesE-JournalsUser Guide
萬方數據 - 中國數字化期刊數據庫 . 經濟財政 Wanfang Data-China Online Journals. Economics and FinanceEconomics & FinanceE-JournalsUser Guide
藥用植物圖像數據庫 Medicinal Plant Images DatabaseHealth ScienceResearch Databases
香港上市公司資料庫 (中文) (Infobank)Economics & FinanceCompany Financial / Investment DataUser Guide
香港文學資料庫 HK Literature DatabaseLanguage & LiteratureResearch DatabasesUser Guide