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SFX Linking

SFX Frequently Asked Questions

What is SFX?
SFX is an Open URL linking resolver that connects an online article citation with full text in an e-journal to which the Library has subscribed.


How do I use SFX Linking Service?
SFX sets out library subscribed electronic journals, which are arranged alphabetically, by category (i.e. SFX subject heading), by ISSN or by service provider. On the SFX search screen, you may enter the title of the journal or ISSN and click on the Go button. You may also click on the SFX button (SFX) from a search in one of the library electronic databases.


Why is there a list of databases in the SFX Service screen? Why are there multiple full-text links for an article?

SFX is linked to all electronic resources that the Library has subscribed to. If the full text of an article is available in more than one resource, a list of databases or multiple full-text links for an article will be displayed on the SFX Service screen. If one link happens to be temporarily unavailable, please try another link to access the full text.



Does SFX work in all databases?
Many of the major databases are SFX-enabled. If the database is not compatible with SFX, the SFX button
(SFX) will not appear in the database you are working in; or the database will not show up on the list of available options. For example, the Westlaw non UK journals are not OpenURL compliant and their titles can only be found by searching Westlaw directly.


Can I use SFX Linking Service from off campus?
All staff and students who have a current CIHE / CBCC login and password may use the SFX linking service from off campus. If you have problem logging in, you may contact the Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) / Library for assistance.


Why does the SFX Service menu state that there is no full text?

The possible reasons are:

    • The Library has not subscribed to that particular journal or that particular volume of it.
    • There is no online full text for that year of the journal.
    • There is no electronic version of the journal or particular article at all.
    • The resource you are searching is not SFX-enabled.

If you cannot find an online version of the journal, please check the Library Catalogue to see if there is a print version.


How does Google Scholar work with SFX Linking Service?
Google Scholar works with SFX to enable you to obtain the full texts of articles that are available through library subscriptions. On the search results screen you will see a Findit@CIHE link next to any items of which the Library has an electronic copy.


On-Campus: By default, the SFX Linking Service has been turned on if you are using Google Scholar from on-campus computers.


Off-Campus: You can Click Here to log into your valid account and search Google Scholar to access resources available at the Library.



For further assistance on the use of the SFX Linking Service, please contact the Library Information Counter or email your questions to