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Wi-Fi Printing

Wi-Fi printing is now available to staff and students (CIHE, CBCC and CAPS). Eligible users can send your print jobs to MFPs (Wi-Fi print enabled) from your personal notebook computers (Windows-based). Users are required to install the printer drivers and send print jobs via the campus network (SSID: CIHE-Student-Secure, CIHE-Staff-Secure).

Windows-based devices

This service is available on devices running Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. Please follow the steps below:

Installation Guide for Windows-based devices

MFPs Location Wi-Fi print driver
Extract the zip file, then run InstallCL401*.bat
CL401A CBCC Library
(Opposite the Service Counter)
CL401D CBCC Library
(Opposite the Service Counter)
CL401F CIHE Learning Commons
Printing Room (A411-1)
CL401G CIHE Learning Commons
Printing Room (A411-1)

Note: Your print job files will be removed if you do not get them printed within 12 hours.
For assistance in using the Wi-Fi printing service, you may bring your personal device to the Help Desk.