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Trial Databases

The Library periodically receives online resources from publishers / information providers for free trial use.  Users are welcome to forward their comments regarding the usefulness and value of these resources on their studies, teaching and research to the Library.

The following electronic resources are on trial. Please send your comments to or fill in our E-Resources Trial Feedback Form.

E-Database Title
Expiry Date
Gale primary sources. China and the modern world. Missionary, Sinology, and literary periodicals (1817-1949)A digital archive of 17 English-language Sinology, missionary, academic and literary periodicals published in or about China during a period of over 130 years, extending from 1817 until the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. These periodicals also feature a significant number of articles, reports, editorials on the founding and development of Christian higher education in China.15 Mar 2021
Nexis UniNexis Uni, formerly called LexisNexis Academic, is a source of information on U.S. and international companies and executives. It provides access to over 15,000 regional, national and international news, business and legal publications, journals, reports, with their coverage dated back to 1970s.31 Mar 2021