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CIHE & CBCC Library

Inter-library Loan (ILL)

The ILL of CIHE & CBCC Library allows full-time academic and senior administrative staff to borrow books from other ILL participating libraries. Through Union Search, eligible users can locate the resources of five participating libraries and make ILL requests for ILL print books, which are then delivered to CIHE & CBCC Library for the requesters.

For ILL request, please login your Library account in Union Search.

ILL Participating libraries

Eligible users

Library users ILL request items (including print books & articles)
Full-time academic and senior administrative staff 5

ILL Books

Printed books that are not owned by CIHE/CBCC Library can be requested. Other materials such as journals, e-books, theses, dissertations and audio-visual materials are not included in the ILL service.

Borrow & Return

  • When your book has arrived at CIHE & CBCC Library, you will receive an email from the Library informing you to pick up your book.
  • You are advised to come to borrow the book after receiving the “ILL Pick Up Notice” as soon as possible.
  • The book must be returned to CIHE & CBCC Library on or before the due date.
  • A courtesy email notice from the Library will be sent 3 days before the due date to remind you to return the book.
  • The book, if recalled by the supply library, must be returned in 7 days or by the due date, whichever comes earlier.
  • The book can be renewed once subject to the consent of the supply library. To avoid overdue charges, you are advised to request for loan extension via email to

Cancel a Request

  • You cannot cancel the request once it has been sent out to the participating library.
  • The lending library may cancel your request if the book cannot be found on shelf or is not suitable for loan.

Overdue Fines

A book not returned when it is due is subject to an overdue fine of $1 per day per book, which will accrue from the first late day and each day thereafter (excluding Saturdays, School holidays and those days when the Library is closed) until the book is returned. Please abide by the library loan rules and return the borrowed books on or before the due date.

Loss or Damage

A book declared lost or damaged is subject to a replacement fine. You are expected to clear the replacement cost, handling or other charges levied by the source library.