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CIHE & CBCC Library


  1. Off-Campus access to subscribed e-databases is restricted to current CIHE / CBCC students and staff only.
  2. Off-Campus access to e-databases requires authentication through a valid login account. You may select one of the following means to authenticate yourself.
    • via the Virtual Private Network (VPN) Service. For VPN setup, please contact Information Technology Services Centre (ITSC) for assistance.
    • via Ezproxy authentication by entering the Network login username (e.g. s140000xx / tmchan) and password.
  3. In accessing electronic resources, users must observe relevant terms and conditions.
  4. Users should regard intellectual property rights and abide by relevant rules. Offenders have to bear all legal consequences.
  5. Information retrieved must not be reproduced at will. Systematic mass copying or extensive downloading is prohibited.
  6. The electronic material is for personal research purposes only and must not be circulated or used for making profits.
  7. Given the quota of surfers for electronic resources, users should log off immediately after use so as not to deprive others of their right of access.